Finding Wonderland
Together we can help destigmatize and normalize the mindful use of psychedelics.  Get to know our series of women's personal stories of transformational psychedelic experiences.
Wonderland #2
Melissa Vrouvides

 The freedom, love and acceptance in psychedelic work can allow a woman to take back her power and body from the way that it has been fetishized, politicized and objectified. 

Latest Articles
Jessika Lagarde

A writer, storyteller and adventure seeker. Jess is WOOP's co-founder and a believer of the mindful, integral and culturally aware use of psychedelic substances can help us build a better world, connecting us to ourselves, to others, and to our planet. 

Tian Daphne

Tian Daphne is WOOP's co-founder and an avid explorer of the world and human consciousness, and loves to ponder the very nature of reality. Serendipitous encounters brought her into the incredible world of fungi and plant medicines, initiating a journey of discovery, learning and deep healing. This ignited a passion to share the emerging research, and to help amplify the voices of women in this field.

Ana Maria Badila

Ana's love for human psychology and personal development allowed her to dive deeper into exploring her core wounds, healing, and tapping into her creativity. She found a lot of answers in the plant medicine practices. At WOOP, she puts her skills and passion to good use.

Marlies van Exter

An explorer, a wanderer, a dreamer. As long as she can remember, Marlies has had an insatiable curiosity and
eagerness to get the most out of life. She found a ‘travel guide’ in psychedelics to get to know herself on a deeper level. 

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