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Microdosing Event

Do you have a journey coming up and would like to be mentally prepared? Or have you already started and feel stuck in some situations? This online event is for everyone who is interested in:

→ Techniques, tools and resources to prepare for any big journeys

→ The effects of microdosing which are not very well-known 

→ Patience as a key element that can be used in all walks of life


This is a free event happening on the 31st of January, 2023 (6 pm - 7 pm CET).

WOOP invites you to a regular gathering of women, and those identify as women, who are interested in discussing, investigating, exchanging, and connecting around integration of psychedelic experiences.

After intense, profound, and/or moving experiences in which we possibly access and connect to certain truths or realities or parts of ourselves, the important and oftentimes challenging part comes. How do we incorporate those insights and parts of ourselves we’ve accessed into our daily lives? How do we embody these experiences?

Integration Circles

Integration takes many different forms, depending on the individual and the situation, but we strongly believe that women’s circles can strengthen and support this process. Wherever we may be in our journey, coming together in a circle provides a time and space for us to walk alongside one another in support. To be seen, heard, and witnessed, to share our memories, and to collectively remember and learn from one another.

We are now opening regular integration circles by donation. There is a minimum donation of 10 dollars to attend. Whether you are someone who wants to work on or examine something that has come up during a psychedelic journey, or simply want to attend and be present, we welcome you.

Meet The Facilitators

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