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Dance into summer's embrace – a time when the sun's radiance bestows upon us the gift of growth and awakens our passion for life. Amidst cascading sunbeams, we witness nature flourish, unfolding a tapestry of inspiration. Each enticing moment sparks within us the irresistible urge to explore the boundless world in playful reverie and revelry.

WOOP invites you to our next sacred gathering to experience the power of plant medicines and sound in an intentional setting. Join us in a safe and supported space for women, in a beautiful and natural location in Amsterdam.

Reconnect with your Self. Recognise and release unwanted patterns. Rediscover your freedom of expression. Reignite your passion.








The facilitators are Jessika Lagarde and Tian Daphne, co-founders of WOOP, and Wei Ting Woo of InnerAlchemist. They will help you prepare beforehand, support you through the ceremony, and help you integrate your experience after.

Embody the power of the sun and reveal the celestial glow that lies within.
Embrace your unique imbued with love, purpose, and infinite possibilities.
Allow yourself to shine with unwavering brilliance and become a beacon for others.

The medicine provided is legally obtained from a reputable truffle farm in the Netherlands. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.

Meet The Facilitators

Covers Microdosing Events

Tiffany Hurd, Microdosing Guide & Plant Medicine Facilitor and Jessika Lagarde, co-founder of WOOP, are so excited to offer you an informed and supportive microdosing series!

We kick off our three-part microdosing series by educating you on what microdosing is, how to microdose, and how to begin the journey of working with the beautiful medicine of psilocybin.

During our part two series we will teach you how to deepen your relationship with the medicine through self ritual practices. We will offer morning mini ceremonial rituals, microdosing best practices to optimize your time with the medicine, and practices to support your experience.

During our part three microdosing series, we will be offering guidance and suggestions for PMDD, breastfeeding and pregnancy. While this is an area with minimal research, there are very supportive ways microdosing can play a positive role in the above life experiences.

Within this workshop, you will receive guidance on if microdosing may be for you, along with gaining an understanding of what protocol may best support your desires, intentions, goals. If you're a woman desiring to learn about microdosing and receive guidance in one place, this is the 3-part microdosing workshop for you!

After purchasing, you will receive a welcome email with further details and our zoom links to join ALL THREE series.


Other Offerings

shadow work event.png

Psychedelics can be a powerful tool for personal growth and shadow work. They can help you to gain clarity, insight, and understanding into your underlying issues and feelings. Psychedelics can also help you to become more present and aware of your inner world, allowing you to access and explore your shadows.

This event is for those who hope to gain a basic understanding of the shadow, what shadow work is and how psychedelics can be a tool to assist in this process. The event will include a brief presentation portion and another experiential one.

This is a free event happening on the 16th of March, 2023 (6 pm CET)

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