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Buki Fadipe

(Writer, Artist, Yogi and Transformational Guide / UK)

Buki Fadipe, is a Psychedelic Practitioner in training. She is focused on exploring the intersections of spirituality, psychedelics, and psychological healing. She is currently studying in an MSc program in ‘Spirituality, Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology as well as completing a professional Psychedelic Practitioner training certification program at Synthesis Institute Netherlands. 

She currently writes for psychedelic media platforms and designs workshops, courses, and one-to-one sessions providing essential education on preparation, navigation, and integration for budding psychonauts. 

Buki is particularly interested in the use of psychedelics for personal development, creative expression, self-empowerment, and growth. Her primary interest is looking to how indigenous and shamanic uses of these medicines for spiritual growth and transcendence can be interwoven into modern-day transpersonal therapy. 

She is particularly focused on investigating how the therapeutic use of psychedelics can be used as tools for enhancing our innate spiritual nature and for creating a better future for the global collective. 

Jennifer Pereira

(Plant Medicine Guide Psilocybin / Canada)

Advocating for the greatest possible potential within each of us, Jennifer walks women home to their self-worth.

With plant and herbal medicines, energy sensitivity, deep intuition, and a whole lot of LOVE; she guides plant medicine ceremonies and therapeutic experiences for modern-day life.

Founder of Bloom Institute, the world’s first psychedelic space entirely for women and powered by women, Jennifer is also a master trained and certified akashic record consultant and healer, stewards spiritual mentorship and guidance programs for creative visionaries and impact entrepreneurs, and leads diversity initiatives for MAPS Canada.

Donca Vianu, MD

(Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist)

Donca Vianu, MD is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. She was born in Romania and left the country with 25 and lived and worked forty years in Germany and in Netherlands.


Donca is specialised in dynamic psychotherapy, healing of post-traumatic stress disorder, women welfare (vrouwenhulpverlening,) previous lives healing, and life between lives journeys, and more. The methods she employs are client-centered, EMDR, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy,) hypnotherapy (regression to earlier life stages, including perinatal, to
previous lives and to the LBL space,) active imagination, narrative psychotherapy, and more.

Donca has developed the concept of the horizontal and vertical axes of our being and of our life, and structures her interventions following these existential dimensions. Her approach is both practical and metaphysical.

She is specialised in integration of psychedelic experiences.

You can see Donca on her YouTube channel and contact her through her website.


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APRA and WOOP's collaborations are focused on ensuring equality of opportunity across sex, gender, and race within the academic/scientific sides of psychedelics.

Keynote: APRA is an organization centered on the academic/scientific aspects of psychedelics. APRA is in favor of harm reduction strategies and they choose not to promote or advocate for psychedelic use in any context outside clinical trials and research.

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Fruiting Bodies Collective is a Portland, Oregon-based resource hub and online platform serving the growing psychedelic healing community.


They exist to bridge the gap between psychedelic industry insiders and the eager-to-learn general public, with a focus on supporting women, BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Adventures in OM is a resource for those seeking the tools, inspiration, guidance and education in support of their growth and expansion. The goal is to serve with the guidelines, insight and tools to empower all those seeking transformation on their path to healing.

OM or Aum the Sanskrit word that unifies body, mind and spirit, it is sum of all states of consciousness. The mission of Adventures in OM is to create a compassionate container and community that will foster holistic healing. Focusing on now a fusion of spirituality, psychedelic allies and shamanic earth wisdom can be used to enrich our modern lives, activating a healing that will bring us back to our wholeness.

Black People Trip is a non-profit organization created to address the lack of diversity in the emerging psychedelic space. Their mission is to raise awareness, increase accessibility, teach harm reduction, build community and promote self-sufficiency among Black folx when it comes to their use of psychedelics for recreation or healing.


They seek to fill the void of BIPOC trip sitters, integration therapists, and practitioners who intimately understand the unique struggles faced by the Black community.

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