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Wonderland #1 Luciana Comas Bitz

Luciana is a yoga teacher and ex-photographer that has experienced the creative and healing effects of psychedelics.


Magic truffles helped her discover full love and acceptance for herself, and here she shares the photo essay that was created in those profound moments.


Luciana hopes that sharing her story and her art can help demystify the use of psychedelics, and that others can find out more about its incredible power to heal one’s relationship with the self. 


Inside my mind, it was like seeing the Sagrada Familia´s ceiling upside down from the inside, with pink and purple colors. There was no ground inside my mind, just the deep dome structures, color, and sunlight coming through those peaks.

I especially felt that the sadness came from realizing that I was missing parts of myself that were no longer there. Even though I was still me, it felt like I had lost or forgotten some part of my essence. But now, suddenly, I could feel them, even grasp them once again. 

I missed the artistic, funny, silly, Latin, sexy, sensitive, emotional, and vulnerable parts of myself. I just wanted to be me again, and allow myself to be held by others. I realized that I had lost myself - it was as if I was dead. All the sadness, anguish, and anger I felt was me mourning my own death.

Wanting the pain to stop, I started to punch the floor, the grass, and the earth with my bare hands. During this whole time, my boyfriend stayed close to me but didn´t interfere. He knew I was going through something very deep and emotional but instinctively allowed me to go through my process. 


Having someone you deeply trust is very important when doing psychedelics. When you know that you are safe, you can really allow yourself to experience it fully without trying to control or hide anything.

Ever since I was little, I had always danced without technique in my room. It was a way of feeling myself and letting emotions transform and move through my body.


I moved and caressed my natural, naked body, without judgment or rules, fully absorbed in the moment. Transmuting as a chrysalis, sometimes from one part of myself to another, and sometimes completely detached, feeling completely free

There was no judgment towards myself, for my personality, my body, my past, my experiences, my background. Just pure acceptance and forgiveness. Without realizing it, psychedelics had helped me dig deeper, release, and connect back in a way I could have never expected.

LUCIANA 11.jpg

Luciana's personal story is the first of a series of stories of women from all parts of the globe, with different ethnicities, lifestyles, and backgrounds. WOOP will be sharing these stories, also anonymously when requested.

If you would like to reach out to Luciana, feel free to contact her on Instagram.


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